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    as far as i know the e36 convertibles don´t have an interior detection!!! I also asked a friend of mine, wich is very informed in e30 and e36 and also works for bmw in the elektronics-department. he said there is no such detection in the e36

    why do you whant to know????

    Thank you XenonIS and Vanilla for your replies. Solves this mistery for most parts.

    My insurance demands a class III alarm system, but the governing body who gives out the certificates, has a list of what classes should confirm too. One of the things of class III is that it should have interior detection.

    So there I have a problem, unless, and it looks like that is the case, the original BMW alarm didn't have that option on the cabrio, but the BMW dealer where I had it checked, gave me a Class III certificate.

    Also when I contacted BMW Netherlands, they say it's a classs III alarm. So maybe some factory alarms are exceptions to the rules.

    What made things more unclear was someones else I know, which has a 328i cabriolet imported from Germany, with also the #302 factory alarm and he has interior detection.
    Which means it's very likely be added when the car was imported and is not an original BMW option. (Like I said before, in the E36 ETK is no listing of a radar detection module, but is for the E46, which is a shame really). I don't want these ugly ultrasonic "microphones" on the top of my a-pillars.

    It now seems that in Germany interior detection is (or was at that time) not mandatory, but is over here.

    I might see if a radar module from an e46 is retrofittable for the E36, as I like to keep things OEM (as can be seen from my journal).

    Sorry, I don't speak German, so I have to do this in English (took me some time to get the title in German) :)

    I have a big mistery which I am trying to solve and I hope some e36 cabrio owners can help me here.

    This is only applicale for those that have a cabriolet and have the factory alarm with option code: 302 and have this key:

    As my car is a German Import, you guys are the only one that can give me a definitive answer.

    Do or don't original German cars with this alarm and this key have interior detection on their cars?

    It seems mine doesn't have it, or maybe it doesn't work? Does anybody know where the radar(?) module is located?

    When I look in the ETK there isn't a Radar module listed, but it is listed for the e46. So I wonder...maybe there is no such thing as a radar interior detection for the e36 vert.

    So what I would like to know:

    1: Does your vert have interior detection
    2: Is the detection module a seperate one or built into the DWA? And if it is seperate, where is it located and what is the BMW part number (a picture would be greatly appreciated) or maybe it's aftermarket?

    Any help would be very welcome!

    Wow you got yourself an E31 OBC, that is cool. You don't see thise much. At first I thought it was a simple MID display where someone put the facia of the OBC on.

    The E31's OBC also has the Service Indicator in the display.

    I doubt it you can get it to work and if you do, you probably have to do so much work.
    It's not worth it. There are tons of E36's OBC's all over Ebay.

    Thanks for these pics. Another new thing learned. I thought I had seen all e36 parts, but you showed me otherwise.

    I like the newer one better as I don't like the symbols on it that tell you how to set the different dials to defog the windows.

    What you need to do is turn off the air conditioning about 5 minuten before reaching your destination.

    Turn it off and run the blower on full speed for the last 5 minutes. This will blow away any water vapor that condensates on the evaporator.

    If you don't, this moisture is the perfect condition for moulds to grow. And that is what you smell.

    Also use one of these AC cleaners once a year. If you do, and the other thing I explained, the smell will be completely gone eventually .

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    Ich hab die Leisten mit dem M - Schriftzug in Carbon Optik eingebaut.
    Das passende Bild hab ich auch schonmal eingestellt. Ich hab glaub ich 115 Euro bezahlt für 2 Stück.

    They look great.

    Right now I have the M Clubsport doorsills, but I'm gonna sell them as I want the carbon optik ones with Motorsport International logo, as I also have that logo on my glovebox strip and outer rubbing strips.

    Then all is left is the rear ashtray (I can't do the front one as my telephone is located there).

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    gibts auch ne einstiegsleiste ohne carbon und sonstiges zeug einfach nur mit dem ///M drauf fürs qp/cab ?
    teilenummer-preis und/oder bild wäre super !!!

    No, not with only an ///M on it (too bad).

    ///M Clubsport come the closest.

    There's also a version of the BMW Motorsport International sill with a black strip, so without the carbon print.

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    Well, there he is;)

    BTW, great work on the MFL, but you told me nearly one year ago that you are going to make the cruise control work;)

    I really don't think this would be easy without switching alle the coponents for the e39 ones...As far as i know, there is an I-Bus signal created inside the cruise control field of the mfl. But the E36 cruise control module isn't i-bus ready at all...

    Haha yes, here I am. Just found this forum.

    Oh I have spoken to you before? I talk to so many I forget :)

    I was already suprised no one linked to my journal to show it was already done.

    Yes, I wanted cruise control for a long time, but I just had no time. I also gave up on finding a kit on ebay as it's never complete.

    So I'll just get an original Retrofit kit from BMW. I hope to do this soon!

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    you're quite okay with your opinion. most radio look bad, because they do not fit to the interior. in fact mine looks really crappy (it's out of aluminium), but i like it, so i used it in my car ;) <-- mine
    your solution is great, but the original business radios are really expensive in germany, even the used ones :(

    Yeah I noticed that too. Specially the CD43. There's also alot of fake ones out on ebay, with the ///M sticker on it to hide the Rover logo.

    I bought my brand new CD43 new from ebay 2 years ago. Suddenly there was a batch a brand new (remanufactured probably) units for only €129!

    If I knew then, I would have bought 3 of them.

    Which model radio do you have? If you have the CD43 Business CD, you can use a Dice or Dension Gateway device, so you can have the original radio and connect an ipod or MP3 player to it.

    I have a CD43 + Dension Gateway 300 setup in my car.

    In my opinion, aftermarket radio's all seem to look bad in the E36 interior.

    But I am the worst OEM freak.

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    Glaub es mir, es wird im E36 so einfach nicht funktionieren. Die Radios für die E36 sind nicht BUS-fähig.
    Du müßtetst mindestens die gesamte Radioeinheit incl. Kabelbaum aus einem E46 oder E39 verbauen. Diese Kosten stehen in keinem Verhältnis zum Nutzen.


    It can function on the e36. I have it working.

    See my post here:

    I see there's some confusion on the MFL option.

    To make a long story short, you can make it work. You can make it fully work.

    Radio, Telephone and Cruise Control. It's not easy, but it can be done.

    Right now I have my radio working, as you can see here:

    I'm now doing my telephone and cruise control will be done later, as I still have to retrofit cruise control to my car.

    The cool thing about tha radio, is that it is used as the display for the phone numbers. As the e36 doesn't have a display in the instrument kombi, you would have to look on the tiny display of the phone, which is beyond the point of being able to control the phone while driving.

    When you press the R/T button, the < and > buttons are used to scroll thought the telephone book. If you find the righ number, you press the phone/or voice recognision button and it will dial the number. I have no pics of it yet or video's are I need to reinstall the wiring.

    Not to be childish, but I can't go into much detail before I have it fully working. So please don't ask be for details (right now).

    The working MFL lenkrad is one of the few things that makes my car stand out from the rest, as almost everybody has the same things to their cars.

    Sorry I can read German, but not write it.

    I see there's some confusion about what parts are what. Let me fill you in.

    First of all, the doorsills (einstiegleisten) with the carbon fiber (kohlefaser) look are not real carbon. BMW did this, as they would damage much too quickly as you hit these with your foot easily when getting in and out of the car.

    So instead they used a printed version of the real carbon used on the center console, glovebox strip and ashtrays.

    There's 2 versions

    1: The one with only "///M" on it. That is the one from the BMW Individual parts list.

    2: Version with the BMW Motorsport International logo on it. This one was (of course) exclusively to the M3 GT version.

    I was lucky enough to get a brand new center console and glovebox strip for less than half the BMW price.