e36 323ia coupe Madeira violett from Croatia

  • Hello everyone,

    I`m coming from Split, Croatia. My german is very poor, so i hope that isn`t problem to write on english.

    e36 323ia 12.1996.


    -rust free!!

    Purchased from first owner 4 months ago and since then a lot of things has been upgraded 😎

    * Factory has good equipment (el sunroof, professional radio + harman / kardon sound, full obc, automatic air conditioning, etc ..)

    So far done:

    * Pulling out small dents from the parking area and polishing whole car

    * OEM m package, new oem m side moldings, black roof with all elements

    * New seals, oem 328i rear auspuff

    * Oem PDC rear sensors, also retrofit front pdc sensors (with another oem kit), electric vent windows, cruise control, rear sunblind

    * M sport interior (bicolor), seats are heated, electric and with lumbar support, door pannels stitched in leather with extra thickening, chrome interior door handles with added ambient lighting

    * E36 small diameter steering wheel with added mfl, cd changer and all connected to oem professional rds radio

    * ST xa coilovers (kw v2 just not stainless steel, everything else is identical) and new shock absorber caps

    * bbs rs 740/741 rims are in the process of polishing and painting with 205/40/17 and 215/40/17 tires, and now is currently on style 22 with 215/45/17.

    PDC switch is now made from asc one, but i found oem pdc switch from e32 so it`s comming soon, together with headlight washer system.

    So that is most important. In the future, i`m planning to add electric sunblind, electric headrests and some other stuff 😎

    when it came..

    aaaand after few months it looks a little bit better 8)

  • Thanks a lot!!

    So i will just write step by step how it was going from the beginning...

    First m package, seals..

    Oem front bumper lip was also purchased, and with the factory grill i also put factory net, it looks very good for me when they are both on.






    Drilling holes..



    Black roof with all parts




    Illumination of Hifi switch was very poor, voltage was checked and everything ok, bulbs good, so only solution was to add 3 resistors in parallel to increase the illumination




    Also i put ambient light into interior door handles, it looks very nice during night, and i connected it to dimmer so everything works exactly as it should.


    Electric vent windows, on one switch illumination didn`t work so i change bulb and test whole system, everything in working order




    Cruise control retrofit..





    Front and rear pdc system.. I wanted to use two separate systems (so i fit in two e36 systems, not e38 / e32..)





    Sensor holders are from rear trims, and just drilled holes into front trims, perfectly fit but there is not much space for fitting it on proper distance beacuse of trailing hook, bumper screws and etc..




    I also wanted to put modul in the same place where are engine and transmission comps but there are missing few mm... :cursing:

    So alternative solution is here :


    Coilovers installed, and original shocks from factory (Boge automatic) were been moved out, they were in very good condition, no leaks or anything.





    These rims are in the process of polishing and painting in silver. Just a little test fit but with tyres 215/40 on front and 225/35 on rear.



  • Old interior out..

    Looks almost like original.. (electric seats, lumbar support..)

    So new seats were manual and heated, i bought another two sport electric seats and did conversion

    Clips for vent windows

    And after swap they were professionally cleaned and renovated



  • great job and car! are you the croatian hardliner? :) very clean modifications in oem style.

    would recommend you the manual swap, should be no problem for you8)

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  • great job and car! are you the croatian hardliner? :) very clean modifications in oem style.

    would recommend you the manual swap, should be no problem for you8)

    Thanks :D:D

    before this coupe i was driving e36 325i limo and i had a lot of fun (s50 exhaust manifold, z3m shortshifter, lsd...).

    I never drove e36 automatic before and it suprised me.

    It`s very smooth and it`s not annoying, so i enjoy driving it. It will stay automatic definitely.