• Performing a fuel pressure test on a BMW E36 M50 3.5 bar fuel pressure regulator. Checking pressure with engine off & engine on. Also added some basic troubleshooting that can come up with a faulty fuel system Please consult your repair manual when performing repairs

    part II

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    Removal and installation of the front wheel bearings also known as wheel hubs on a 1995 BMW E36 325i.

    repair an alternator by replacing the internal voltage regulator.

    remove and then re-install the camshafts with a new set of INA lifters on a BMW E36 with a M50tu engine

    E36 Vanos & Tensioners Install

    E36 EWS II BYPASS COMPUTER SWAP, EWS II silver 413, Elektronische Wegfahrsperre

    Biete: Tuergriffdichtungen, ESV-Repsatz, Servopumpen-Repsatz, siehe Marktplatz