BMW E36 M3 3.2 cabrio Alpinweiss on Schwarz

  • Ok after much pressure from Nathan, I put up my car here. Not sure to post here or in the M3 subforum. I guess either goes.
    As you can see it's a copy paste from my Syndikat Fotostorie, so I don't have to type everything twice. Enjoy.


    Modellbezeichnung: M3
    Ausführung: Europa
    Typschlüssel: BK91
    Lenkung: links
    Türen: 2
    Motor: S50B32
    Antrieb: Heckantrieb
    Getriebe: manuell (SMG)
    Außenfarbe: Alpinweiss 3 (300)
    Innenraum: Teilleder W.n./schwarz (N5SW)
    Produktionsdatum: 05.03.1998
    Werk: Regensburg

    Code Serienausstattung
    S209A Sperrdifferenzial 25%
    S246A Lenksäulenverstellung
    S314A Aussenspiegel / Fahrerschloss beheizt
    S411A Fensterheber elektrisch vorne/hinten
    S481A Sportsitz
    S520A Nebelscheinwerfer
    S542A Check-Control
    S548A Kilometertacho
    S710A M Lederlenkrad
    S783A BMW LM Rad M Doppelspeiche geschm.

    Code Sonderausstattung
    S243A Airbag Beifahrer
    S260A Seitenairbag für Fahrer/Beifahrer
    S302A Alarmanlage
    S354A Frontscheibe grün Grünkeil
    S380A Hardtop-Vorbereitung
    S388A Verdeck schwarz
    S395A Überrollschutzsystem
    S399A Verdeck EM vollautomatisch
    S423A Fussmatten Velours
    S428A Warndreieck und Verbandstasche Warning triangle and first aid kit
    S431A Innenspiegel automatisch abblendend Interior mirror with automatic-dip
    S441A Raucherpaket Smoker package
    S464A Skisack Ski bag
    S473A Armlehne vorne
    S494A Sitzheizung Fahrer/Beifahrer
    S498A Kopfstützen im Fond
    S502A Scheinwerferreinigungsanlage (SRA)
    S508A Park Distance Control (PDC)
    S510A Leuchtweitenregulierung
    S528A Automatische-Umluft-Control (AUC)
    S534A Klimaautomatik
    S540A Geschwindigkeitsregelung
    S554A Bordcomputer V mit Fernbedienung
    S773A Edelholzausführung
    S793* Sequentielles M-Getriebe
    L801A Länderausführung Deutschland
    S863A Händlerverzeichnis Europa
    S879A Bordliteratur deutsch On-board
    S915A Entfall Aussenhautkonservierung

    Kilometerstand when bought: 78.500
    Kilometerstand currently: 83.400


    Harman/Kardon sound system (planned, taken from 328i)
    Lordoses stütze (planned, taken from 328i)
    Erweitertes leder ausstattung (partial)
    M3 GT kohlefaser shift console + handschuhfach blende
    BMW Professional RDS radio
    US zentralverieglung schalter
    M3 GT domstrebe
    Autotelefon mit freisprachanlage (planned, taken from 328i)

    Kompass/dwa/autodimm innenspiegel (planned)
    E46 M footrest
    Z3 reinforcement plates

    Bilstein PSS9 gewindefahrwerk
    BBS RS302 felgen
    Bosch Aero wipers

    TO DO
    Replace wooden handbrake lever for (new) black leather one
    H&R stabi's.
    Fit the planned stuff listed above.


    Here's my second fotostorie after I stopped modding the 328i OEM+ cabrio. That car is almost back to stock and is now my daily driver/shopping kart.

    Why? Because of this new car. I couldn't be more happy. After 8 years of 328i ownership, I really wanted to scratch the M3 itch. But a good E36 M3 is harder and harder to find. And I am extremely picky when it comes to what I want.

    But I always new that someday I had to have an M3. As nice as the 328i is, you always know thee is that little M badge that is missing.

    I still love the 328i for daily cruising, but the M3 is in a league of its own. It drives and sounds fantasic.

    In the end, I was just either lucky or this car was meant to be mine. I can't think of any other E36 I would rather want to own.

    I found this car in March 2013 on Contacted the owner and went on a visit and testdrive. Two months later, it was at my home.

    Yes I could have gone for an E46 M3 as well. But I just have a very soft spot for the E36. To me the ultimate mix in 80's boxiness and 90's roundness. And I never like the E46 (M3) cabrio for numerous reasons. And any E46 M3, would have had at least double the milage on it.

    I've always dreamed of owning a new E36, which has now come true. This car is as close to factory fresh as you can expect from a 16 year old car. This one is a keeper.

    So here I present to you my

    BMW E36 M3 3.2 SMG cabriolet

    Alpinweiss auf Schwarz

    One of 15 LHD M3 3.2 cabrio's made in this color. And 10 of these with black nappa leather (NS5W)

    Imported from the motherland (Germany) in May 2013.

    -> Notice there is no radio antenna on the back. This car was ordered without a radio/soundsystem. So it's factory without an antenna, which makes it a bit extra special.

    Why would someone order it without a radio? Well guess what, the original buyer was a man of 73 years old. He is now my hero.

    First time we met

    This is what it looked like when I arrived at the previous owners house.


    Engine was a little dirty, but luckely it was just dusty and no oil or grease. So nothing that can't be corrected.

    Guess the previous owner wasn't much of a "pflegen" fan.

    But everything inside looked and felt like new. And smelled new.

    After I got home that day I did a photoshop to give myself an idea how it would look with the old wheels from my 328i and the amber indicators.


    One word: fantastic! Now I was totally in love. I had to have it!

    Fast forward to today. This is how it currently sits:


    [SIZE="1"]..with almost every possible option[/SIZE]
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  • Ok maybe time for a little update. Much time has past since. Still need to rework the original post.

    Did some major work.

    Completely rebuilt the Vanos unit with Beisan seals and E39 M5 solenoid seals. The stupid screen filters on the solenoids have been removed. Fresh vanos filter. So it's better than it ever was "ab Werk".

    Complete fresh all, since I don't know what the previous owner used and how old it was. Just going of a card doesn't give 100% insurance. So all oil was removed. More than you can drain with a regular oil change (5.5L). I put in a total of 7L of Fuchs Titan Pro S 5w40 (10w60 is a no-go for this engine).

    New drive belts. New power steering hard line. New power steering fluid.

    All boring stuff of course, so now for some pics.

    After searching for a couple of years(!) thanks to a tip of member Hardliner, I finally managed to get hold of the unobtainable small Telfon bracket that goes on top of the big one.

    So now I could finally fit the Telefon Module the proper way, without drilling holes in the roof compartment(!)

    Got bew bolts for the M Domstrebe as the bolts I had lost their special coating.



    Added the OEM Kohlefaser Aschenbecher

    So interior is now as good as complete.

    Oh yes, also fitted the rest of the carphone system and Harman/Kardon sound system, pulled from the 328i.

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  • OMP?

    No idea what that means. Is that about the Domstrebe? I'm sure you know it's the oem BMW Motorsport version.

    Haha like the S/E Modul Halter? So do I. Man that was a tough find! Now I need another one for the 328i lol.

    Yes the 328i was very nice thank you. This is just the next step. Everything I did to the 328i is now in the M3. WIth the M3 of course being the icing on the cake and with 1/3rd the mileage of the 328i.

    About SMG. In short: totally love it.

    Longer story: it's a completely misunderstood system. BMW was the first offering such a system in a production car. It was totally new tech.

    Even BMW dealers had no clue on how to work on them and many have been transformed to manual shifters for all the wrong reasons.

    Believe me, I like shifting in my 328i, but I would not want to trade the SMG for manual. You think you're going to miss the 3rd pedal, but not for a single moment. It was simply the most technical version of the whole E36 lineup. With unique styling elements like the console under the OBC and the gear indicator in the Kombi is just awesome.

    I have 2 friends, who also own E36 M3 SMG cabrio's. Together we have a lot of knowledge built up and we are not afraid of it. Having my own GT1 system does help.

    What you read on the internet are old horror stories from years back when people and BMW Werkstats had no clue and when something was wrong they just swapped complete gearboxes and hydraulic pumps. With huge bills on top. So people dismissed it as a bad system.

    It's actually very well designed. Of coure you only read the stories when something breaks down. People are not going to post that their's is just fine.

    Also, you need to learn to drive it. Buyers do a 30 minute testdrive, don't know how it works and think it sucks. You need to learn driving all over again. This takes time. But when you eventually learn how to work with it, it's lots of fun.

    Auto mode can be tricky, but I only use this in Stau. Then it's great to have. Rest of the time I'm always in manual mode.

    There is no shiftspeed button like on SMG2, so you can't have it shift fast while driving slowly. But take it from me. Use the M3's powerband and shift up when the shiftlight comes on and be surprised how fast this thing shifts. Keep in mind this is nearly 20 year old technology!

    One of the 2 friends is an engineer and learned me the kickdown switch is not just for automatic mode, but it the 'true' full throttle setting. From what they have learned so far by reverse engineering the MSS50 DME, it looks like with the kickdown applied, this makes the DME shift to a separate "full throttle" map.

    So even while not shifting at the shiftlight, shift up with the kickdown pressed and it's fast!

    I would happily take you for a testdrive if we would ever meet.

    Some random pics

    Klima refilled last September. Now also rocking the BMW logo BBS caps.

    As mentioned before, this car has a unique feature. Or to be correct, a special 'Entfell' option:

    Factory aerial delete. Because this car was ordered without a radio/radio preparation, there was no need to install an aerial. So this car has no hole in the body where the aerial normally sits. I absolutely love this!

    Here's a pic of where normally the Aerial base/amp sits. As you can see, the screw is there, untouched.

    No radio, so since there were no speakers fitted in the footwells, extra factory insulation:

    In the meantime I installed the Harman/Kardon system that I first had built into the 328i.

    Some previous owner had installed the basic system.

    Doing some cleaning at Ferienpark Heilbachsee / Center Parcs Eifel when I was there back in September for my annual 2 week stay (15 minutes from The Ring)

    Older pic I really love

    More to come :)

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  • Die Domstrebe, ich liebe Die :love::thumbsup:

    Ich auch.

    The only option for me. It was either this one, or nothing.

    Took me some time to find, but someone I know from another forum offered it to me, for a very fair price. So couldn't pass that one up.

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  • Vergy great , that you are here Folkert.

    It´s a great fun to read your story, we have not much guys like you, who improve the E36 so much in an precision like no other.

    Everything looks great on Aw3 e36 M3 Cab, I like it, and whould do everything exactly like you , only wheels were other ones from BBS. ;)

    As i saw the telephone holder, i thought only one should have this now.

    I hope we read more from the cab in future here. ;)

  • Hey Tim,

    Thank you. I've been around for some time and had opened a thread for the M3, but tried linking directly from Syndikat but they have their coding right :)

    Funny that of all people you say there are not much guys like me who improve the E36 in dusch precision. You are one of those people as well :)
    Your 328i coupe journal proves this. So did your old car. Now I want an Alpinweiss Touring for my grocery car, but I have never seen one. But as long as my 328i which is now my groceries car is still there, I can't have a 3rd car.
    And it's nice to have a "spare" car I can steal parts from if I need to, or use it as a testbed for new functions, before I risk it on my M3 (I still need a second Komfortblinkern module, but that site has been dead for too long).

    There are many nice wheels around. I love old school 3-piece wheels and BBS RS wheels have always been my favorite and the E36 is still old enough to look good. I also love the old Hartge 3 piece wheels, but I can't affort multiple sets of such wheels. There is a set on ebay but it's like €3450(!). Only thing is I can't run some nice BMW Performance brake calipers without using spacers. I really wish the E36 had a much lower ET an Werk.
    But for streetuse the stock M3 brakes are more than powerful enough.

    Thanks again for the Telefon Halter. I still haven't seen another one for sale anywhere. Of course I had made a simple bracket myself already, but as you know, OEM is best. I was very surprised how complicated that little bracket is. I thought it was a simple bracket. But it even has these 2 little "hooks" that fold around of the front of the Modul.

    Only shame is the E38/E39 Ejectbox is so different and has the extra gold/brown GSM module you need to hide. I have a complete system laying around here, including the SES module and SES wiring (Sprachecontrol) which would be very cool since I also have the MFL Tasten mit Sprache symbol.
    I recently aquired a new old stock MFL left side button pod, with the little horn symbol on it. This better matches the cars equipment. Call me crazy :)
    Which is nice as the P/N is the same, but the newer ones just come with the voice control symbol; there is no separate P/N for them. Otherwise I would have bought a second hand one and switch the single button.

    With the M3, I notice I have changed a bit in my modding. The 328i was all about having everything. In the M3 I am a bit more picky in what I do and what not. For example, I like the Tachoringen, but in the M3 I want to keep the factory look, so no Tachoringen will be added. I also could but the electric seats in the M3, but I'm keeping the manual seats. Changing car all the time, I noticed the electric seats sit a little bit higher.

    Maybe in the future, who knows.

    I would also love the put in a Tempomat light in the Kombi, the E36 never had a cruise control-on light. Shame. But I am definitely not going to cut in the symbol strip of my M3. No option. With the e38/E39 GR2 module to have MFL control, there is an output to turn on a light. I could use an unused light, but it would look wrong.

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  • Very nice Car , are you sure, that the electric seats are a little bit higher? There are two different types of seat cushion, there is also a version that is 1 or 2 cm lower. But it's out of stock.

    I know this, because I owned them ones, and the guy who sold me the seats, told me, that this is the lower version.

    Part-number 52102276391!lang=&marke=BMW&mospid=47421&hg=52&btnr=52_2212&grafikid=7302&vin=ER61886

    Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk

  • Yes I am aware of the lower and higher seat cushion. But both my cars have the same seat cushion. One is manual, other electric seats and when I step in one car, and into the other and so fort, you notice the difference right away.

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  • Nice ride buddy!

    you are just needin' some styling 37 on that M3 or maybe a different color for your BBS-Wheels but these are just my 2 cents.

    Have fun!


    Not a fan of styling 37 wheels on an E36. I prefer 17" wheels. And the BBS RS are the all-time classic BBS wheel, which I have always loved and which looks fantastic under the E36.

    The color are BMW Nogaro Silber, which gives a nicer contrast between the Alpinweiss body color and the polish alu parts of the wheel itself.

    I could always play around with plasti-dip, but I really like this color.

    What color do you have in mind?

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  • I prefer also 17" wheels on my e36 but the paralles are jus awesome and really light. I have BBS RC090 on my cosmosschwarz coupe too. I think your M3 looks just great but the black centers of the BBS wheels just make it look tiny. Imo a brighter like gold or white or original silver would make it look better.

    But as long as you like it the way it is it's just fine :D

    kind Regards from Brunswick Germany

  • centes are not black. As mentioned "Nogaro silber". Official BMW color. I didn't want them to be black, as this would make all the little details invisible.

    IRL it's quite light. Not a fan of fancy bright colors.

    And BBS RS is a forged wheel, I believe the Mparallel's are cast, but not 100% sure.

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  • Sorry I didN't read right about the color, for me it is to dark on the fotos, maybe in real looks way better in many cases it is. The parallels are forged too lightly over 10 Kg, so for a OEM 18" Wheel ist just great.

    i hope you do not feel offended, it was just my point of view, I really think your white m3 looks just great, the wheels selection as well as the any other modification are not everyone's cup of tee ^^ sometime everybody loves it and sometime does not.

    Ihave a black car with red leather interios and I love it and I was looking for that combination for a long time and a lot of persons specially in germany do not like it but i don't care because it is my car and i like it like that.